Sample from the book:

You are welcome on a private hobby websites dedicated to cactuses especially the genus Astrophytum.

Offered plants are selected - hand-picked pieces from hundreds of seedlings. It is hybrid offspring mainly of Japan, Thailand and China progenitors. Prices of plants result from its originality and price of imported progenitors. Plants are send by mail/post without substrate separately packed and with description. Offered plants update is every month between May to November. If you want an update notification we can send you an info e-mail.

Offer of seeds is similar. By single item is listed its amount and price. However, it's needed count with that seeds are from hybrids and after grow up there may be divergences. As the origin genus to emergent gems. Selection is then necessary. Order condition is minimal plants and seeds value 100 EURO. The parcels are send after full payment in advance incl. real postal charges.

If you are interested in offered plants and seeds, please send an e-mail with numeric code of single items. By return you will be informed of price and after payment check, plants and seeds will be booked up and consigned. During wintertime delivery according to individual settlement with possible storage till springtime.

Final sale of last few pieces book of JAPANESE HYBRIDS ASTROPHYTUM, is offered at a price of 59 EUR, including shipping worldwide.
The order of this book is with BO.1.

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